Introducing our PC12  –  G-MAKN

The worlds most sought after single engined aircraft!

G-MAKN is a Pilatus PC12/47E Single Engine Turboprop that was delivered new from the factory in December 2017. The Aircraft is registered and managed by Ravenair of Liverpool John Lennon Airport. The Aircraft is available for Dry Hire under Agreement with Ravenair. The aircraft is based at Leeds East Airport, former RAF Church Fenton.

The Pilatus is one of the most popular turbine powered business aircraft on the market today and it’s easy to see why. Whether it is the large cabin, single pilot operations, long range, low operating costs, speed, short-field capability or precision Swiss engineering nothing else compares to the PC-12NG.
Due to the short field capabilities, the Pilatus PC-12 can access airfields unavailable to larger jets such as St Tropez La Mole, London Denham, Lausanne and Courchevel. 

Adventure Like Never Before

With the availability to land at nearly double the number of locations accessible to aircraft costing millions more, imagine the possibilities. Imagine the time savings.

Imagine where the Pilatus PC-12 will take you. 

Business aviation is all about getting to places you can’t access on an airliner, and there happen to be more than 11,600 paved runways in the world that are 3,500 feet (1,067 m) or longer. But, the PC-12 NG is not like other business aircraft. At maximum gross weight, it only needs 2,600 feet (792 m) of runway, and it can also land on grass, gravel and dirt.

That extra performance opens up your world of options to more than 21,300 runways – almost double the number of locations accessible to aircraft costing millions more. Imagine the possibilities. Imagine the time savings. Imagine where the Pilatus PC-12 NG will take you.



The Pilatus PC-12, G-MAKN delivers across the board. With a Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6A-67P engine, flat rated to 1,200 SHP. This boasts a maximum cruise speed of 285KTAS (528km/hr) with a maximum long range cruise of 2,088 nautical miles (3,867 km)

Featuring state of the art integrated avionics that combines the power and capability of high end business jets, but optimised for single pilot operation and outstanding situational awareness. With our experienced pilots and operations team available 24/7 you’re sure to be kept in good hands with Makin Air. 

The Standard Configuration consists of two crew seats plus seating for up to nine passengers with an in-flight accessible baggage area. This can easily be converted to a combination of different passenger and cargo roles by removing aft passenger seats.

The Executive interior includes an enclosed, private, flushing lavatory and various arrangements of storage compartments, stowable work tables, and refreshment cabinets. All configurations feature a flat floor and 330 cubic feet (9.34 m3) of cabin volume, providing more comfort and versatility than any aircraft in its class.


Featuring a pallet-sized cargo door as standard, the PC-12 can quickly offer an alternative to your transportation needs. The quick change interior together with the intelligently designed cabin space means that if you can fit it in, you can take it with you.

Because of its immense versatility, the PC-12 NG has found popularity in a number of different roles around the world – From executive transport and cargo, to air ambulance and airline. There are endless ways to take advantage of the 330 ft³ cabin volume.